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ICE9 Consulting is a security firm with deep knowledge of Bluetooth and IoT as well as rich experience simulating Red Team adversaries.

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Bluetooth, IoT, and Embedded Device Security Evaluations

If you are releasing a device or app that communicates over Bluetooth, you could be exposed. ICE9 has a rich understanding of all layers of the Bluetooth stack. From common mistakes to complex behavior and attackers who violate the spec, ICE9's unparalleled expertise can help ensure your customers' devices and data are safe.

Red Team Adversary Simulation

Is your business or your personal life safe if a hacker targets you? ICE9 can put your security to the test by simulating a real adversary whose goal is to steal your IP, your data, or your identity.

About the Founder: Mike Ryan

When you hire ICE9 you are hiring Mike Ryan, a recognized Bluetooth expert and experienced Red Teamer.

Mike has been researching Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) since 2012. He designed and built Ubertooth's BLE sniffing code, crackle (a tool that breaks BLE's key exchange), and PyBT (a hackable Bluetooth stack in Python). He is also responsible for CVE-2014-4428, a weakness in the Bluetooth stacks of iOS, OS X, and Apple TV. Along with Richo Healey he is a co-owner of CVE-2015-2247, a Bluetooth vulnerability in Boosted electric skateboards.

Mike's work has been featured in WIRED and Forbes.

Research and Development

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